April 2010 Newsletter

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April 2010 Newsletter

May 2012 Events at Yoga & Crystal Awareness Training Centre

THE TEMPLATE CEREMONIES 1 – 3 On May 12 & 13th Karlos Kukulcan will be hosting the Template Ceremonies 1, 2 and 3 at the Centre, located at 66 Phillips Road, Dulong. These revolutionary ceremonies are an essential element in the enlightenment of each individual and the collective, using sacred geometry, sound and specific language codes to reconnect the bio-circuity of the body bringing us back into our own divine potential. The ceremonies use Kinesiology testing to ensure the circuitry has been reinstated, so you are not left wondering if the process worked or not. These ceremonies are extremely popular. To confirm your booking please email Karlos at templatekarlos@hotmail.com

“As you embark upon the first Foundation Ceremony, you are entering upon a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm. To choose this path is to embrace the Human as a magnificent masterpiece of immortal design, capable of transcending the limitations of duality and able to access any time or energy level in the universe.


The Template Ceremonies extend to the far horizons of Humanity’s divine potential, the potential that lies within the Soul Covenant. This journey is one of liberation and empowerment that takes us into the ancient history of Humanity’s true origins, there to retrieve our soul’s lineage and our celestial seeding: a history that defies the notions of original sin, guilt and shame”… to read more request a brochure or visit the website http://www.thetemplateorg.com/ 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training – For Yoga & Non-Yoga Teachers

We are pleased to have the wonderful Dani Reidy coming to the Centre. Dani is based in Brisbane and travels within both Australia and New Zealand presenting Kids Yoga Teacher Training to yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers alike. This training is for anyone who loves working with kids and wants to bring the joy of yoga to children’s lives. It is a powerfully transformational course and we are grateful to Dani for agreeing to include the Sunshine Coast in her training schedule this year. Bookings for this course are essential as spaces are limited to 10 participants. This course allows you to teach Kids yoga in daycares, schools, kindergartens and studios. What the world needs now are more children’s yoga teachers to help give our kids, flexible and strong bodies and minds and to help them maintain their connection to their own essential nature. Kids respond positively to yoga, they feel more confident, have greater self esteem and resiliance, are more focused and calm. They become centred within their own body and more able to make positive choices that support their journey through life. I have noticed that children as young as 5 years of age are becoming tight in the hamstrings alone, due to the time they sit in chairs. Let’s help them remain flexible and healthy by bringing yoga into their lives in a fun, sustainable way.

Angel Yoga 4 Kids Teacher Training Over 12 years experience – AYK Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 Sunshine Coast 25 – 27 May Teacher Training Level 3 Sunshine Coast 19 – 20 August

Investment: Level 1-$250 – Level 2 -$395 – Level 3-$420 10% discount all 3 levels payment 1 month prior 15% discount all 3 levels payment 2 months prior

Bookings: Danielle Reidy 0412564757 admin@yogaliving.com.au www.yogaliving.com.au

Ongoing Training with Kaatheryn

  • REIKI TRAINING LEVELS 1 & 2 $100 per level per day. Each level is taught over one full day.
  • REIKI TRAINING LEVEL 3 $300 per person.  Conditions apply to Master Level training.
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT HEALING (TM) Training, Level 1 & 2 $444 per level. Discounts apply.
  • SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING $150.00 6 weeks commencing July 10th. 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • ONE – ONE YOGA SESSIONS $45.00 per 1.5 hour session


I invite you to keep in touch with what is happening at the Centre by joining our mailing list.  Simply follow the link below.



Namaste Kate Tempest

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