May 2012 Newsletter

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May 2012 Newsletter

Thank You!

Thank you to those of you who participated in our first Spiritual Development series at the Centre.  We wish to acknowledge your commitment to the six week series and to practising the techniques that were presented to you.  It was an honor to facilitate this workshop and I am grateful for your participation, discernment and openness to receiving and sharing during the workshop.  The workshop has been particularly transformation for myself and I know for each of you, from your feedback about the series.  I am looking forward to our monthly get togethers where we can share our experiences and practice what we have learnt in more depth.

Upcoming Training

  • May 25th – 27th -  Kids Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 (open to all) with Dani Reidy.
  • June 3rd  & June 10th Reiki Level 1 Training – $100.00 (1 day training) with Kate
  • July 8th – Reiki Level II Training – $100.00 (1 day training)  with Kate
  • July 10th – 6 week Spiritual Development 6:30pm – 8:30pm – $150 with Kate
  • August 19th & 20th Kids Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 (open to all) with Dani Reidy.

Please register on-line and secure your place for the above training by paying the fee either via paypal or direct debit.

Kids Yoga Classes are underway

Our kids yoga classes commenced in second term and have been very well attended.  Unlike adults yoga, a kids yoga class is very dynamic.  We commence with singing to open the lungs, pranayama to calm the mind, then begin to move into the practice of postures which are then incorporated into fun yoga games.

One of our favorite games is Farmer Famer can I cross your golden river, where the children have to perform a particular pose before running across the imaginary golden river.  Not only does this engage them physically but it also engages their imagination.

Another game the children love is Yoga Match.  This game is a little like memory.  If the children don’t get a matching pair of cards, everyone does both poses on the yoga cards.  If the children get a match, we shout VICTORY and all do just the one yoga pose.  It is a fun way to learn about asana and is very engaging and stimulates concentration and memory skills and provides an excellent contrast between being active and being still.

We finish our kids yoga session with a yoga story and relaxation.  The children lie on the floor with a crystal on their foreheads, assisting them to lie still, whilst a crystal bowl is played.  As they listen to the bowl the children are guided to relax every part of their bodies and visualise a beautiful relaxing scene.  Once the crystal bowl has finished ringing the children can begin to quietly sit up.

Yoga is a gift.  It helps the body, mind and soul come into balance.  For children it brings an increased positive awareness about their bodies and how to be kind to themselves and others.  Yoga assists with concentration, self-esteem, strength and flexibility both physically and emotionally.  Yoga opens up the breathing muscles, allowing children to quiten their minds and helps children be more emotionally responsive rather than reactive.

The Template Ceremonies

We had a wonderful weekend re-experiencing the Template Cermonies 1-3 in May.  These ceremonies reconnect the bodies bio-circuitry allowing us to translate more light into our body, which facilitates healing at a very deep level.   The next ceremonies are being held in Byron Bay in June.  For more information check out the website at


I invite you to keep in touch with what is happening at the Centre by joining our mailing list.  Simply follow the link below.


Namaste Kate Tempest






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